Thursday, July 21, 2011

What is Wrong With The Men You Date!

10 Dates in 30 Days

That is right - I went on 10 dates in 30 days - for those that are math challenged that is about 2.5 dates a week (and no - the .5 does not mean go on a date with a midget)

– so about 5 months after this experiment – I met Mr. Right and I was shocked to see that he was a little bit of all these people combined, but also had an amazing heart.  He does community service, is successful in his career, wants to take care of a woman, and is musical and athletic.  Most of all I am proud to say I am marrying him (I love me my Bradley).   Anyway - before I met him I did this experiment - ENJOY!

A few years ago, my long term boyfriend and I broke up and there I was – in my late 20s, successful in my career, but a major failure in my dating life.  So while having drinks with the girls, I decided to embark on a challenge – I was going on 10 dates in 30 days.  For those that remember this - no - these are not in order - they are just in types  :)

The next morning I decided that it was not just the wine talking but YES!  I was going to do this.  So, I put myself out there instructing all my friends that I would say yes to every date that I was asked on – regardless of the guy.

Below are the categories I have arranged based on the guys I dated:

1.     The nerdy guy – I met this guy at church (so it started positively) – and although he was not really my type physically – I promised myself that I would be open.  He picked me up 30 minutes early (guys – don’t do this) with a potted plant (don’t do this either).  We had a dinner that I felt like I did 99% of the talking.  We had nothing in common but he still asked me out again.  Lesson:  read the signs gentlemen, and of course step out of your comfort zone and get to know the woman.

2.     The musician – I love music – as a concert promoter, it is kind of my forte – and musicians are great – however, the music man was a – I am still going to make it big even though I am 30 so in the meantime I will live with my parents and work a part-time job, and when you confront me about it I am going to blame you and then write teenage angst songs against you – kind of guy….run the other way ladies – quickly.

3.     The Playboy – This guy seems to have it all together – great career, own home, maybe even his own plane – his problem:  he still insists on going on spring break every year at age 35 and pick up “ladies of the night in Vegas” – enough said.

4.     The “I am totally happy in my mediocre career guy” – For the record, I envy people that strive to have a good work-life balance, but if you are in your 30’s and you are fine being in a job that does not allow you to pay your bills, well, women will have a hard-time being your full-time girlfriend.

5.     The guy who cancels – enough said – if we are not important enough to keep our dates, you are not important enough to be kept around.  The End.

6.     The Recent Ex-Boyfriend – Ladies – we all do this – but the question is why?  I will count this one as a lapse in judgment.

7.     The Ex-Boyfriend from a decade ago – same as the recent ex-boyfriend but with the sincere hope that major growth and change occurred, the crushing defeat is when you realize they are the same person.

8.     The Professor – the guy who is much smarter than you, and thinks it is just “adorable” when you don’t know what they are talking about.  Although a great catch, you still have to deal with them attempting to teach you something all the time – which can get quite annoying.

9.     The “Older Gentleman” – I met this guy that was about 65 years old in a bar while I was traveling for work.  I was eating alone at the bar and he was just a few stools down.  Even though it was not a formal date, he was infectious, fun, and a great conversationalist.  He also paid for my meal, so I count it as a date (it was one of my best on the adventure) however, the thought of being intimate with a much older gentleman, did not appeal to me in the least.

10. The Best Friend – Why do we mess with the idea that just because we enjoy sporting events and bars with someone that we should date them – I blame too many movies with Julia Roberts, anyway - we tried it – it failed – luckily our friendship is unscathed.

Men - if one of these sound like you - well- get it together!!!!  

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  1. ha ha Have I told you how I much I miss you and love you recently?!?! xoxo