Friday, July 15, 2011

Ridiculous News.....

As you all know, I like the news and talk radio - so just in case your job is not like mine and does not have news on all the time today's blog will help you keep up with the crazy news stories that are happening in our world today.

I could talk about the debt ceiling, the upcoming election, many other topics but.......

a story just popped up a story about Harry Potter Grief case you need to re-read that - go ahead - because I know it is ridiculous.  Now, I have never read the series or watched any of the movies, however, I can very much appreciate the fact that people love them.  I also love how they have put books back into children's hands.  It reminds me of the Baby-Sitters Club Series when I was a child, or the Ramona Quimby series - I loved them both.  I think it is important to say that my father (Dick) has read Harry Potter with my nephews and saw the movies - so they have to be fairly cool - my dad is a pretty cool guy.

However, if you need grief counseling because a series is over, you are probably one of those people that dresses up for Star Wars conventions - I mean, I can understand being sad (I know personally I have been waiting for another installment of Dirty Dancing for years) - but needing counseling?  Welcome to the new level of wussiness for American Society - seriously - what is the cure - oh - here are the books and the movies - READ/WATCH THEM AGAIN!!!!  problem solved!!! - get over it - Dick would want it that way.

The next news story you probably have heard of - it is the restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA that has banned children.  Not only do I love this story because it takes place in my beloved city of Pittsburgh (represent) but because it deals with another issue - parents who have no clue.

Listen - I love children, and I am really excited to have my own - however, there are places for them and not - and in my opinion they do not belong in a restaurant that does not have a playplace until they are old enough to feed themselves and sit properly without disturbing anyone.  (I realize this keeps some adults out of restaurants as well)

Forget the crying, screaming, turning around in booths, etc - that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I mean how many parents complain they do not have time to enjoy each other's company but then insist on towing their child everywhere - if you have the budget to go out - you have the budget to get a sitter - get one.

As a former waitress I can tell you that we cringe when we see kids come in - they make a mess that we have to clean, and it completely messes with our tips from the people sitting around you.  Even if the waitress is nice to your child or complements how well he is behaved - they are just trying to increase their tip - nothing more.  (It also really sucks when innocent bystanders trip over the high chair)

So kudos to the PGH for setting a fine example!  I am sure your business will increase tenfold.  I know I will patronize McDain's when I am back to visit.

So there is the fun news for the week.......Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey, not sure if you knew about the Avatar Grief Counseling that had to take place when people were soooo depressed that IT WASN'T REAL. Craziness. I think sometimes people just WANT to be depressed and will find an excuse. They enjoy the attention that comes along with others worrying about their "suicidalness" (yes, new word, whatever).

    As a mother of 4 little ones, I agree with your views. We don't go out to restaurants. I think many a restaurant owner (my own mother being one of them) would agree it is cheaper to them for us to stay home. (does that make sense?) When we have money for a date night, we always include a sitter fee. If we can't afford a sitter, we ask (beg) family. And if all of that doesn't work, we stay home and pull our hair out. It's awesome.

    I cannot wait for "Lia's views on motherhood". :)

  2. I think I still have all of my Ramona Quimby books. That was definitely one of my favs!