Monday, July 25, 2011

Tips On Being A Fabulous Wedding Guest!

I consider myself to be a great, almost professional wedding guest.  I dress appropriately, am never late, don’t have too much to drink (ok – maybe that one is a little stretch) and work to keep the conversation upbeat at my table and the dancing going on the dance floor. 

However, while planning my own wedding, I found myself discussing with my fiancĂ© about what makes a good guest and what makes a bad one – and this is what we determined – don’t make these mistakes (especially if you are invited to our wedding).

Leave the Little Ones At Home

How many couples complain they do not have enough time alone, but yet insist on bringing their children to a wedding.  This mystifies me – get a sitter and enjoy yourselves – then you don’t have to worry about removing your child for acting up during the ceremony or the couple’s first dance.  If you receive a wedding invite and it happens to mention your children by name on the envelope, they are officially invited, however, that does not mean the bride and groom want them there.  Most couples feel obligated to invite them, but secretly, they really just want the adults there.  Unless the child is an immediate family member of the bride and groom (like nieces and nephews – which I could not imagine my wedding without) or the bride and groom see them on a regular basis (my neighbors come to mind) leave them at home.  Not only do the bride and groom have to pay for a meal for the child, but then there are additional tables (which mean additional centerpieces, place-settings, etc.) which drives the cost way up.  I mean seriously – would you go take your kid to a restaurant where a meal for your child was going to cost a minimum of $50 - $100 – I doubt it – so don’t do it to the bride and groom)

Dress Appropriately

I can tell how formal a wedding is and what to wear with one glance of an invitation - my fiance insists that most people do not have this gift - so here are some dressing tips:  Of course you know not to wear white or jeans to a wedding – but make sure you dress appropriately – the key to what to wear to a wedding is in the invitation and location.  If the invitation is a classic invite or one that looks like it required a good bit of assembly – cocktail attire is required – if it is at a church or a country club – cocktail attire is required.  If it is black tie – then formal attire is required.  If you had to RSVP on a website or were printed at home -a basic black dress will work, guys should always be in at least a suit  – no exceptions.

Don’t Drink Too Much

This should be self-explanatory but worth repeating.  You don’t want to be known as “that-girl” or “that-guy” at the after wedding brunch. This is especially true if there are co-workers present that will never let you live this down.


Grab the Bride’s Grandmother or the Groom’s Nephew and go to town – no one makes fun of someone dancing at weddings so it is the perfect time to let loose.  You can even break out the robot or the sprinkler – people will get a kick out of it.

Don’t Be Late

Again – this is a no brainer – but seriously, it is disrespectful and annoying.  If you are late because you got lost - don't make a spectacle of yourself.  If you arrive at the ceremony and the men are standing up front - stand off to the side in the back until you can gracefully find a seat in the back.

Attend the Ceremony

I equate people that do not attend the ceremony but attend the reception to those that show up at the last minute of an event just to attend the after party.  The ceremony when the couple is joined is the important and beautiful part – the reception is just a bonus.


Sure – people will register, and 99% of those people that register wish that they can return your gift for cash.  I always think of my dear friend and her husband living in a 1 bedroom apartment trying to save for a house with a full set of fine china that cost thousands of dollars.  Besides, gifts are a pain to get from the reception to the house – do yourself and the happy couple a favor  - break out the checkbook.  If you must buy a gift – get them something from their registry, not something you picked because you insist they will love it.  There is a reason they did not register for that rooster cookie jar.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What is Wrong With The Men You Date!

10 Dates in 30 Days

That is right - I went on 10 dates in 30 days - for those that are math challenged that is about 2.5 dates a week (and no - the .5 does not mean go on a date with a midget)

– so about 5 months after this experiment – I met Mr. Right and I was shocked to see that he was a little bit of all these people combined, but also had an amazing heart.  He does community service, is successful in his career, wants to take care of a woman, and is musical and athletic.  Most of all I am proud to say I am marrying him (I love me my Bradley).   Anyway - before I met him I did this experiment - ENJOY!

A few years ago, my long term boyfriend and I broke up and there I was – in my late 20s, successful in my career, but a major failure in my dating life.  So while having drinks with the girls, I decided to embark on a challenge – I was going on 10 dates in 30 days.  For those that remember this - no - these are not in order - they are just in types  :)

The next morning I decided that it was not just the wine talking but YES!  I was going to do this.  So, I put myself out there instructing all my friends that I would say yes to every date that I was asked on – regardless of the guy.

Below are the categories I have arranged based on the guys I dated:

1.     The nerdy guy – I met this guy at church (so it started positively) – and although he was not really my type physically – I promised myself that I would be open.  He picked me up 30 minutes early (guys – don’t do this) with a potted plant (don’t do this either).  We had a dinner that I felt like I did 99% of the talking.  We had nothing in common but he still asked me out again.  Lesson:  read the signs gentlemen, and of course step out of your comfort zone and get to know the woman.

2.     The musician – I love music – as a concert promoter, it is kind of my forte – and musicians are great – however, the music man was a – I am still going to make it big even though I am 30 so in the meantime I will live with my parents and work a part-time job, and when you confront me about it I am going to blame you and then write teenage angst songs against you – kind of guy….run the other way ladies – quickly.

3.     The Playboy – This guy seems to have it all together – great career, own home, maybe even his own plane – his problem:  he still insists on going on spring break every year at age 35 and pick up “ladies of the night in Vegas” – enough said.

4.     The “I am totally happy in my mediocre career guy” – For the record, I envy people that strive to have a good work-life balance, but if you are in your 30’s and you are fine being in a job that does not allow you to pay your bills, well, women will have a hard-time being your full-time girlfriend.

5.     The guy who cancels – enough said – if we are not important enough to keep our dates, you are not important enough to be kept around.  The End.

6.     The Recent Ex-Boyfriend – Ladies – we all do this – but the question is why?  I will count this one as a lapse in judgment.

7.     The Ex-Boyfriend from a decade ago – same as the recent ex-boyfriend but with the sincere hope that major growth and change occurred, the crushing defeat is when you realize they are the same person.

8.     The Professor – the guy who is much smarter than you, and thinks it is just “adorable” when you don’t know what they are talking about.  Although a great catch, you still have to deal with them attempting to teach you something all the time – which can get quite annoying.

9.     The “Older Gentleman” – I met this guy that was about 65 years old in a bar while I was traveling for work.  I was eating alone at the bar and he was just a few stools down.  Even though it was not a formal date, he was infectious, fun, and a great conversationalist.  He also paid for my meal, so I count it as a date (it was one of my best on the adventure) however, the thought of being intimate with a much older gentleman, did not appeal to me in the least.

10. The Best Friend – Why do we mess with the idea that just because we enjoy sporting events and bars with someone that we should date them – I blame too many movies with Julia Roberts, anyway - we tried it – it failed – luckily our friendship is unscathed.

Men - if one of these sound like you - well- get it together!!!!  

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ridiculous News.....

As you all know, I like the news and talk radio - so just in case your job is not like mine and does not have news on all the time today's blog will help you keep up with the crazy news stories that are happening in our world today.

I could talk about the debt ceiling, the upcoming election, many other topics but.......

a story just popped up a story about Harry Potter Grief case you need to re-read that - go ahead - because I know it is ridiculous.  Now, I have never read the series or watched any of the movies, however, I can very much appreciate the fact that people love them.  I also love how they have put books back into children's hands.  It reminds me of the Baby-Sitters Club Series when I was a child, or the Ramona Quimby series - I loved them both.  I think it is important to say that my father (Dick) has read Harry Potter with my nephews and saw the movies - so they have to be fairly cool - my dad is a pretty cool guy.

However, if you need grief counseling because a series is over, you are probably one of those people that dresses up for Star Wars conventions - I mean, I can understand being sad (I know personally I have been waiting for another installment of Dirty Dancing for years) - but needing counseling?  Welcome to the new level of wussiness for American Society - seriously - what is the cure - oh - here are the books and the movies - READ/WATCH THEM AGAIN!!!!  problem solved!!! - get over it - Dick would want it that way.

The next news story you probably have heard of - it is the restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA that has banned children.  Not only do I love this story because it takes place in my beloved city of Pittsburgh (represent) but because it deals with another issue - parents who have no clue.

Listen - I love children, and I am really excited to have my own - however, there are places for them and not - and in my opinion they do not belong in a restaurant that does not have a playplace until they are old enough to feed themselves and sit properly without disturbing anyone.  (I realize this keeps some adults out of restaurants as well)

Forget the crying, screaming, turning around in booths, etc - that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I mean how many parents complain they do not have time to enjoy each other's company but then insist on towing their child everywhere - if you have the budget to go out - you have the budget to get a sitter - get one.

As a former waitress I can tell you that we cringe when we see kids come in - they make a mess that we have to clean, and it completely messes with our tips from the people sitting around you.  Even if the waitress is nice to your child or complements how well he is behaved - they are just trying to increase their tip - nothing more.  (It also really sucks when innocent bystanders trip over the high chair)

So kudos to the PGH for setting a fine example!  I am sure your business will increase tenfold.  I know I will patronize McDain's when I am back to visit.

So there is the fun news for the week.......Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome! (and all about me)

I decided to start my blog with random facts about me rather than big long paragraphs.  As I get further into this, I will write about funny stuff, some very deep subjects, and sometimes just rant for rantings sake.  Here is my all about me:

My name is Lia.

I live in Wellington, FL

I am from the Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania and I miss it every single day – (especially the people – you have no idea how great you are in that area.)

I had 1 great dog named Cooper – I now have 3 great dogs since moving in with my fiancĂ© Brad.  (Sheba – 16 y.o., Cooper – 12 y.o.,  Lucy – 3 y.o.)

Cooper is my life – and a lot of posts will probably contain him.

I am engaged to be married to a wonderful hard-working man named Brad (so a lot of posts will probably be dedicated to wedding planning and living together)

Brad and I will start trying to have kids fairly soon after we are married – so some posts will be about getting pregnant and my views on raising children.

I am 32 years old and have braces – so you know – that is cool.

I work for an orthodontist doing Public Relations (hence the braces)

I have appeared on House Hunters on HGTV – which was pretty much the greatest episode that has ever aired.

I LOVE Peanut Butter Crunch, and Count Chocula – I don’t care if they are sugar-laden – they are delicious – besides – peanut butter has protein.  

I run or lift at least 5 days a week – not only because my wedding dress is a size 4, but also because I love the high I get from it.

I listen to talk radio – I realize this makes me like 80 years old - but today’s music is such garbage…seriously.

I love FOOTBALL - mainly the STEELERS, but all football.

My 2 best friends still live in PGH - and I miss them a ton - a lot of posts may include them as well. :)

I also own my own bridal and prom shop – so if you need to know how to do anything wedding – let me know – I will have an opinion - and most likely the answer you have been searching for your entire life - I am kind of a guru like that.

I am very, very passionate and opinionated – you may not like everything I have to say, but it is all based on experiences of my life and my opinions – so you can disagree – I have no problem with that – but don’t be upset if I tell you how incorrect you are.