Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome! (and all about me)

I decided to start my blog with random facts about me rather than big long paragraphs.  As I get further into this, I will write about funny stuff, some very deep subjects, and sometimes just rant for rantings sake.  Here is my all about me:

My name is Lia.

I live in Wellington, FL

I am from the Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania and I miss it every single day – (especially the people – you have no idea how great you are in that area.)

I had 1 great dog named Cooper – I now have 3 great dogs since moving in with my fianc√© Brad.  (Sheba – 16 y.o., Cooper – 12 y.o.,  Lucy – 3 y.o.)

Cooper is my life – and a lot of posts will probably contain him.

I am engaged to be married to a wonderful hard-working man named Brad (so a lot of posts will probably be dedicated to wedding planning and living together)

Brad and I will start trying to have kids fairly soon after we are married – so some posts will be about getting pregnant and my views on raising children.

I am 32 years old and have braces – so you know – that is cool.

I work for an orthodontist doing Public Relations (hence the braces)

I have appeared on House Hunters on HGTV – which was pretty much the greatest episode that has ever aired.

I LOVE Peanut Butter Crunch, and Count Chocula – I don’t care if they are sugar-laden – they are delicious – besides – peanut butter has protein.  

I run or lift at least 5 days a week – not only because my wedding dress is a size 4, but also because I love the high I get from it.

I listen to talk radio – I realize this makes me like 80 years old - but today’s music is such garbage…seriously.

I love FOOTBALL - mainly the STEELERS, but all football.

My 2 best friends still live in PGH - and I miss them a ton - a lot of posts may include them as well. :)

I also own my own bridal and prom shop – so if you need to know how to do anything wedding – let me know – I will have an opinion - and most likely the answer you have been searching for your entire life - I am kind of a guru like that.

I am very, very passionate and opinionated – you may not like everything I have to say, but it is all based on experiences of my life and my opinions – so you can disagree – I have no problem with that – but don’t be upset if I tell you how incorrect you are.


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